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The Story
The Game
The Dave Game was developed to promote random acts of kindness and general goodwill towards others. Playing is simple. Do something nice (ANYTHING!) for someone else and they have been Daved!

Give someone a flower that wasn't expecting it, mow someone's lawn when they cannot do it themselves, take a moment to tell the mail carrier just how much it means to you that they bring your mail each and every day. Big or small, money or no, anyone can do it!!

All The Dave Game takes is looking around at the people around you and spotting someone having a bad day or (worse!) going unnoticed. Once you start keeping an eye out for your opportunity to make a positive difference to someone, the idea of what to do will come naturally.

Once you have Daved someone, tell him/her to pass it on. If you would like, you can even visit our Participate Page for fun things to share or our Testimonials Page to share your story.